We are pleased to announce the official release of the new "Call Hunting" feature.

Call Hunting is a feature that allows users to receive calls in which Call Hunting Members are dialed one after another, for a specific amount of time, until one of the members answers the call.

2 Ring strategies are available to ring members of a Hunting Group:
- Follow Order: The Members will be called in the order provided: Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4, Ring 5, Ring 6, Ring 7, and Ring 8.
- Random Order: Each Member in the hunting group will be called in a random order. (Round Robin)

The flexibility of the Call Hunting features allows you to add a variety of member types to a Call Hunting group:
- Main Account
- Call Forwarding
- Ring Group

Additional features include:
- Add a recording at the beginning of the call hunting so your caller will listen to it before call hunting initiates.
- Play music on hold while your caller waits for someone to answer.
- Configure it so that in order to accept the call, the member needs to press '1' after answering the call, preventing the call from being answered by an answering machine or automatic system.

This feature is available now and can be configured by opening a ticket with your specific requirements with the subject line: "Call Hunting".

If you have questions and/or feedback, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team via Email or Ticket.

Friday, October 13, 2017

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