Compatible IP PBX Systems

An acronym for Private Branch eXchange. PBX telephone systems support incoming calls from the outside PSTN, placing calls between users' phones (also known as extensions) and other phones or the outside PSTN, conferencing other users together, recording voicemails and a variety of other advanced telecommunication functions. PBX systems are broadly broken into several categories: traditional (also known as legacy); converged (also known as hybrid) or pure IP, aka IP-PBX. Traditional PBX systems usually either don't support IP at all or they support it only with expensive add-on equipment. Converged PBX systems support IP and PSTN connections with equal force. It is the most flexible and cost-effective model. IP-PBX systems, as the name implies, support only IP connectivity. Any PSTN connectivity must be achieved through external converters, known as Gateways.

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If you would like us to test your IP PBX with our Switching Trunks we can setup a demo account for you. When your account is setup we will provide the support to help you manage your IP PBX to work correctly with our Switching Trunks. Once satisfied we will document and will place in our list as a compatible IP PBX System. 
Simply inquire and our Sales staff will be in touch shortly.

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