Main Account Info

Dialing Codes

011+Country Code+number: International
to access directly the Mailbox associated to the account you are dialing from. (Will prompt for Password only)
*98: to access your Voicemail and choose one of your Mailbox accounts. (Will prompt for Mailbox ID and Password)
4443: Echo Test
4747: DTMF Test
1-555-555-0911: Test CallerID and e911 Test (for your e911 Stickers click here)
411: Directory Assistance (Must be an active add-on)
311: Non-Emergency Police, Municipal and Other Governmental Services (Canadian Servers)
511: Provision of Weather and Traveler Information Services (Canadian Servers)
811: Non-Urgent Health Teletriage / telehealth Services (Canadian Servers)

(+ signs used as reference only. Do not include + signs when dialing)

Allowed Codecs
G.711U (μ-law / pcmu), G.729, GSM

Supported Protocols
SIP and IAX2

SIP: 5060 UDP RTP Range: 10001-20000 UDP
IAX2: 4569 UDP

Alternative Ports
     5080 UDP and 42872 UDP

To use SIP by IP authentication instead of dynamic register, use the sub account section. From the sub accounts, you can create additional SIP and IAX accounts. The sub account section should also be used to specify IAX trunk mode.

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